vendredi 31 janvier 2014

Digital (and smiling) Narcissus

January 31st 2014: Fragment of a Diary

Tribe of Teen Boys

This pic is dedicated to Xristophe (ex-Aix-Anneau-Nîmes): thanks for your funny, witty and spicy comments... !

A boy with long hairs and four necklaces

January 31st 2014: Fragment of a Diary


January 31st 2014: Fragment of a Diary

Young fisherman ? Or Narcissus looking at the mirror ?

Does anybody among my readers know the photographer  or the origin of this beautiful pic ?
Please leave a comment, thank you !

Iconic pic

Curves and shapes, outlines and grace, innocent sensuality and young male beauty, choregraphy of gestures and pose...

It looks like a vintage pic... from a remote time... from a remote land... where so perfect ephebes could make love with and be loved by sand and sea, by sun and sky...

Fascinating pic...

Am I the only one to dream about this late teen boy ?

Flowers of youth

samedi 25 janvier 2014

Call for comments, memories, poems and thoughts

Do you feel inspired by this pic, by this beautiful boy ?
Do you enjoy the subtle vintage touch of his red short, 
and the Californian look of this skateboarder ?

Today, it is up to you to write the legend of this pic...

Please leave a comment !

January 25th 2014: Fragment of a Diary



Iconic Pic

Why is this pic so inspiring, so enticing to my eyes ? Why am I so moved by this boy, by his face, by his gaze ? I guess I fall in love with eyes and a face first, I feel attracted, overwhelmed by the beauty of a face, by the power of a gaze...

I love this pic because it expresses so well what I love first in a boy and why I love boys...  The beauty and the charm of a face, something angelic and mysterious, something in between, still a teen boy, not yet a twink, no more a child, not yet a mature man...

This boy's face makes me dream... It mirrors pure beauty, it mirrors a soul, and I desire this beauty, this soul, this boy... I love the almond-shaped eyes, the sharp outline of the face, of a smooth and beardless face, I love the dark hairs framing this face... I feel totally fascintaed by the focus of the gaze, by the focus of the closed lips.... and I love the play of light and shades caressing so delicately the top of a milky torso and the face...

I could look for hours at such a pic found on the web... I will never be tired looking at it, and I know the feelings and desire it inspires to me will be lasting ones...

January 25th 2014: Fragment of a Diary

Tribe of Teen Boys

Fruit défendu

A contribution from an Italian reader of my blog. Grazie tanto !

mardi 21 janvier 2014

Short break

I will be back at the end of this week !
In the meantime, enjoy the archives of my blog 
Take care !

dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Tribe of Teen Boys

January 19th 2014: Fragment of a Diary

Iconic pic

I love everything in this photograph... I love its vintage patina, its stains and damages... I love its sepia color, reminding the albumen prints of von Gloeden's photographs...

I love the story behind this photograph: how did it begin ? how did it end ? Who is this boy ? Who is this photographer ?

I love the boy too, indeed... I love his pensive and melancholic face expression, his long hairs, his sweet and smooth face... I love the necklace, this chain crossing his tanned chest... I love this smooth and tanned torso, such a beautiful incarnation of the ephebe's ideal...

There are many homoerotic overtones in this pic.. It will speak to viewers who are not unsensitive to young male beauty, to what is so poignant, ephemeral and desirable in it...

I love this photograph because it makes me dream...

I suspect it could be the work of some contemporary artist or photographer ?

Does anybody among my readers know the story behind this pic ?

Please leave a comment !

january 19th 2014: Fragment of a Diary


Garçon aux yeux turquoises

"Mon aimé, mon doux amant, je vois la naissance du monde dans l'éclat de tes yeux,
Je vois le ciel et un soleil noir et les étincelles de toutes les étoiles à venir,
Je vois les sables du temps et les océans de voyages infinis...

Mon amant, mon doux aimé, j'aime tes yeux couleur de turquoise,
Lumière précieuse et pure qui illumine ton regard et fait sourire ton âme,
J'aimerai me perdre dans le bleu de tes yeux et vivre dans ta vision du monde...

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers (2005)

Boy in the Forest