jeudi 31 juillet 2014

Black and White

Paidika (1)

At the peak of the heat wave, light plays with the waves of the sea,
And the sun caresses the ocean, gently, so gently, with the tip of its rays,
I close my eyes and let the blinding light invade my heart,
And a beautiful boy appears on the mirror of the sea, a delicious mirage,
Is he real, or just a dream, or an idea, or a concept ?
Is he just a memory from one of my previous lives,
Or  will he become real tomorrow or later ?
I dream to be the sea and to surround an ephebe with my loving waves,
I dream to be the sun and to caress with my loving fingers the beauty of his body...

I am alone on the beach, in front of the oceanic void,
I close my eyes, and I see you, my loved friend, I see you surrounded by light...

The Art of Felix Deon

Procession for Antinous

jeudi 24 juillet 2014

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dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Flying Boy

Hajo Ortil - Vintage Memories


Today Quizz

This Digital Narcissus is using face and body language in order to say something, about himself, to the intended viewer of this gif file.

Could you translate it in words, whatever your language is ? What is the meaning of this self-presentation ?

Please leave a comment... !


July 13d 2014: Fragment of a Diary

You, again....

samedi 12 juillet 2014

Amours Grecques

"J'aime tout âge adolescent,
Et si j'en juge seulement
par la beauté,
je ne place en premier
aucun garçon plutôt qu'un autre. 
A chacun ses attraits"

Anthologie Palatine. Livre XII. Amours Garçonnières

traduction par Yvan Quintin

A Metaphor of Young Male Vitality (iconic pic)


Si doux, si tiède

Si douces et si tièdes, la peau de ton cou, la courbe de tes épaules,
Si doux et si tièdes, les nuits et les jours et les nuits de nos amours,
Il est des caresses qui n'ont pas de fin, des étreintes jusqu'au vertige,
Le vertige de ne faire qu'un, corps et âmes, avec toi, mon amant, mon aimé.

Je connais chaque creux, chaque sentier, chaque colline et chaque forêt de ton corps,
Et j'aime à me perdre dans ces paysages et ces dénivellés, si doux, si tièdes,
Me perdre à en mourir de désir et de plaisir, à ouvrir mon âme et mon corps
A celui que j'aime, si doux, si tiède, qui m'offre la fleur de sa beauté...

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers (2008)

Gay Art Books - A Must Have for Serious Aesthetes

For a full catalogue of rare books, published by Editions Nicole Canet / Galerie Au Bonheur du Jour

click here

A place to visit: Art Galerie "Au Bonheur du Jour in Paris"

 René Devaux (1923-2003). Jeune homme assoupi (ca 1960)

John Graham. Eric à la toilette (1960)

Konrad Helbig (1917-1986). Dans le miroir (ca 1955)


Vintage Boy

Variations on a beautiful face

(Micky, a 19Nitten model some years ago)


Arcadian Dream (a drawing by Ludwig von Hofmann)

Benjie Ream. The Art of Michel Gourlier

vendredi 11 juillet 2014

Black and white

Iconic pic

A boy's face is a book to read,
A new language to learn,
A new writing to decipher,
An unheard music to listen to,
A landcape to look at,
A poem to write and to read at the same time...

History of Teen Boys Photography

Homoerotic photography of the late XIXth and early XXth century belongs to the history of photography and art: von Gloeden, von Pluschow, Galdi, to name but a few, are now landmarks and pionneers in this history, and one can find vintage printings of their work in many museums and art galleries today... Despite censorship in the first half of XXth c., despite fascist and nazi destructions, these photographs survive today thanks to private collections...

In the late 90's of the XXth century, and in XXIst century, digital photography and the internet made possible a new economy of gay pics circulation. Indeed, there were thousand sites of gay pornography... Most of them were boring, and actually, I was not, and I am still not interested in pornography... A few sites, hower, were putting the emphasis on the artistic quality of photography, on beauty and eroticism rather than on porn.

It would be fascinating to write the history of these late teen boys and early twinks sites...

If photograps by von Gloeden, von Plüschow and Galdi are still in private collections today and could be easily collected on the web, I am not sure it will be the same in a few years with the galeries of commercial sites, such as Teen Boys World, 19Nitten and many others...

Perhaps somewhere in the web, there is someone archiving the digital art of boys photography, since the early years of the XXIst c.

At the end of XXIst c., at the beginning of XXIId c., these pics will be as moving and beautiful than the photograps of the pionneers of homoerotic art in the XIXth c.

Any comment about this topic ?

jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Iconic pic: Mirror of desire

There is no desire without mediation, reflection, a mirror, a mediated gaze.

The art of photography is to create this distance, these mediations, this space...

This pic of a twink boy (18 y old or more) shows and hides, it raises questions and answers them, it teases its viewer and let him (or her ?) wander through the mirrors of desire and interpretation...

As far as I remember, there are no mirror pics in the art of the pioneers of gay photography, such as Wilhelm von Gloeden, Wilhelm von Plüschow or Vincenzo Galdi.

The camera itself was the mirror...

To my eyes and to my sensitivity, such a pic is a visual trap and  a challenging device...

The boy, the mirror, the photographer play with my eye, with my desire, with my longing...

The desired boy is out of reach, he is the reflection of a reflection, he is a shade, a ghost, a mirage...

Perhaps the most haunting desire is a desire that cannot be fullfiled...

I feel haunted by the beauty of this pic, by the mysterious charm of this boy...


The Art of Michel Gourlier

July 10th 2014: Fragment of a Diary

La photo Ecossaise. Drawings by Michel Gourlier (1)

Dark Beauty

La Photo Ecossaise. Drawings by Michel Gourlier (2)