lundi 29 juin 2015

Back to the roots: a painting by Michel Gourlier

Letter to an unknown boy

Dear unknown boy,

I don't know who you are, where you are from, when these two pics were shot...

But I love everything in these pics, everything in you... Your shyness, the way you hide or show your face, the way your fingers caress your lips and the tip of your noose, visual echoes between your blue tee shirt and your blue eyes, the way your wild hairs frame your slim and smooth face...

 I love these pics, because they reveal more than a lovely face of a lovely boy... They display a smart, witty, intriguing soul, someone I would love to know more, to talk with, to listen to, to laugh with, to look at for a while, for ever...

Dear unknown boy, I am afraid I felt in love with you...

Without any hope, but with a lot of tenderness anyway,


"Petite mort" (iconic pics)

Digital Narcissus

Douceur lactée

"J'aime la douceur lactée de ton corps juvénile
Et ses courbes et ses inflexions,
Et ses pentes et ses reliefs...

J'aime la grâce et la dissymétrie subtile
Du léger déhanchement qui donne vie à ton corps
Et détache la fleur de ta jeune virilité...

J'aime ton buste qui palpite et le galbe de tes jambes,
Et l'offrande de ta nudité lumineuse
A qui sait en goûter la mélodie douce et silencieuse..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2005.

In the sandhills

"... les jeunes gens minces du pays d'Hafiz."

"A Bandar Sheikh, les barques s'ornent de balcons sculptés, de baldaquins, de châteaux de mer. Les jeunes pêcheurs y préparent le thé vert, ou le café à la cardamone;

ils vous accueillent à bord et vous sèchent le corps car on ne peut accéder aux barques sans se mettre de l'eau jusqu'au visage.

Leurs mains sont fermes et douces comme l'amande, et ils sont aimants et diseurs de poèmes, les jeunes gens minces du pays d'Hafiz."

Claude Michel Cluny, Hérodote éros, Paris, Fata Morgana, 1984, p. 12.

Essence of beauty... Iconic pic

Tender memories

We were young and we loved each other... You were my best buddy, my alter ego, my brother in love... and we were always together, at college as during days off and holidays...

I remember so fondly the sound of your voice, the way you laughed, the taste of your lips and the smell of your skin, the warmth of your body and the bightness of you hairs...

I remember our long walks in the woods and our endless talks as well as our silences...

I remember how shy we were, how bold were were, when our hands and our lips expressed what we were unable to say... Every kiss, every caress were like the first ones, a step in an unknown world of intimacy and love, of eternity and illumination...

Were are you now ? I miss you so much....

Guest contribution

Many thanks to Charles for this sensuous and mysterious pic....

mercredi 24 juin 2015

Enjoy !

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Stay tuned !


mardi 23 juin 2015

A drawing by Gaston Goor

 Gaston Goor. Nu dans la Source aux perdrix. L'oracle (1968)

Emergence of desire

Blue Boy

A drawing by French artist Gaston Goor

Adolescent retirant son short, 1968
Pastel, 16,8 × 9,9 cm
Coll. particulière

To know more about this artist, click here

Vintage Memories


Ephebe on the Beach

You are a living sculpture, a breathing painting...
You are a music to embrace, a perfume to listen to...
You are a concept to look at, you are a beauty to dream about..

You are perfection, youth and beauty,
You are the icon of the beautiful boy...

Joli garçon

"Joli garçon au regard de faon apeuré,
Bel adolescent timide et silencieux,
Tu es le miroir de mes rêves, de mes désirs,
Et en toi, je reconnais l'aimé, l'amant
Que je rencontrerai un jour, ailleurs..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 1999.

An original drawing by Michel Gourlier

A typical Gourlier ephebe in a Venetian setting.
This original drawing is currently for sale on an auction site.

lundi 22 juin 2015

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The Eye of my Eye

"By whose touch does the lily smile
And open its beauty - bud?
Whose moonlit beauty
Do I see in the lily?
Who is the Eye of my eye;
Who is the Heart of my heart?
Alas, then why do I not see Him,
His face of transcendental Beauty,
Even in my dreams? "

Sri Chinmoy Ghose

The photographer: iconic pic

A beautiful portrait by Krivon

A boy's face is a landscape...

The subtle music of desire....


"Pale skins I like, but honey-colored more,
And blond and brunette boys I both adore.
I never blackball brown eyes, but above
All, eyes of scintillating black I love."

Strato of Sardis 
(ca 100 CE)

Digital Narcissus with purple hairs


Your face is like an horizon to explore, a secret island to reach, 
Your face is like a sky crossed by the clouds of your thoughts,
The clouds of your feelings, sorrows and memories...

What are you thinking about, so delicate boy, who are you dreaming about ?

Blessed is the one you love, the one you are expecting, the one you miss...

Blond hairs, blue eyes