vendredi 31 juillet 2015

The Art of Michel Gourlier

Vintage memories


Arrows of Love

Tribe of teen boys

Portrait (Iconic pic)

Rêves garçonniers

"Mes rêves garçonniers caressent la blancheur lisse de ta poitrine infinie
Et tournent comme un doigt aimant autour des roses corolles qui la ponctuent,
Tandis que les souffles de mon désir se glissent entre tes boucles blondes
Avant de se perdre dans la tiède caverne qu'entr'ouvent tes lèvres imberbes..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2012.

A boy's face (Iconic pic)

So much is said, so much is expressed by the pic of this silent boy, by his closed eyes, by his open lips, trying to catch breathe again, by the little drops of sweat above the upper lip...

Today Quizz: Narcissus with a mirror

For my erudite and well-read visitors: who is the authors of this beautiful painting ?


Do you remember ?

Do you remember our first night, our first loving night, the touch of our hands, the taste of our skin, the breathe of our lips, the sweat of our bodies, our silences and our whispers, our eyes closed and our beating hearts ?

Bel éphèbe brun (Iconic pic)

I love this pic, the relaxed pose of this boy, his smooth and tanned body, his face, looking at something (someone ?) beyond the frame...

I love this boy's lips, half open and offered, waiting perhaps for a kiss...

Such a pic mirrors in such a relevant way the visual mythology of gay desire....

I find it far more sensual and imagination provoking than the usual porn imagery...

mardi 28 juillet 2015


"Il n'est de plaisir, solitaire ou partagé,
Que les yeux fermés, les lèvres ouvertes,
Pour reprendre son souffle,
Pour rester dans un monde ineffable,
Où formes et couleurs explosent 
Dans les kaléidoscopes du désir...

Jouir, jouir entre des doigts, les tiens, les miens,
Jouir sur un corps, le mien, le tien,
Jouir dans la musique de nos souffles coupés,
Jouir dans le silence de nos yeux fermés,
Dans le face-à-face de nos lèvres entrouvertes..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2001.

Tribe of Teen Boys

dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Where are you ?

"Where are you, my loved one, my brother in love,
Where are you, so lost you are in the labyrinths of pleasure ?
You are so far, so far away, you are where I cannot reach you,
So lost you are at the border between body and soul...
You crossed the threshold, the threshold between here and now,
Between you and me, between us and the outer world..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers (2009)
(translation by Mark)

Freshness (iconic pic)

samedi 25 juillet 2015


"Ton corps n'est que mouvements, ondulations, cambrures et déhanchements....
Dans les bras de ton amant, tu glisses et danses selon les imprévisibles chorégraphies du désir, du plaisir, de l'abandon, du don de toi...

Ton corps est comme les vagues qui se soulèvent au gré des vents,
Lorsque le soleil fait l'amour avec la mer
Et fait scintiller l'écume de sa semence au-dessus des océans sans fonds de notre amour..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2015.

Beautiful boy

mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Milky way

"I love the milky way, the way of your milky chest...
I love how smooth and white and sweet it is...
I love your pink tits, landmarks in a sensual exploration,
I love to draw circles around your tits with the tip of my fingers...
I love to feel your breathe, and when your breathe stops,
I love to feel the warmth of your body
And to dive into the milky ocean of your boyish beauty,
With my eyes, with my soul, with my hand, with my whole body..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2014.
(translation by Mark)


lundi 20 juillet 2015

Vintage pics: quintessence of beauty

Cute ephebe (iconic pic)

I love your eyes and I love your smile,
I love the light, the sun shining on your face,
And I love your curly hairs, 
A dark frame around your smooth boyish face...

I can almost hear the sound of your voice, the sound of your laugh,
I can almost feel the taste of your smiling lips...
I dream about kisses and embraces, and love and endless dreams...

First kiss

"Do you remember our first kiss,
Our lips, so dry, so wet,
And how breathless we were,
When we opened the gates of our teeth,
When we closed our eyes,
When the two of us just became one soul ?"

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2010.
(translation by Mark)

dimanche 19 juillet 2015

Frères de peau

"Nous sommes amants depuis le seuil de nos adolescences,
Nous sommes frères de peau, frères de coeur,
La chaleur de nos bras, la douceur de nos poitrines,
La cambrure de nos reins, le goût de nos lèvres,
Le parfum de nos souffles et les muscles de nos cuisses,
Et nos membres qui s'encastrent, et nos âmes qui se boivent,
Tandis que nos fluides de jouvence irriguent nos corps fiévreux...

Nous sommes les amants de tes rêves, toi, si seul, qui nous regardes ce soir..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2014.

Digital Narcissus

This art of teen boys self pics open an infinite creative range... Focus, frame, background, mood, face expression... Self pics rely on an odd balance of shyness and boldness, of intimacy and of communication, of privacy and social networking...

I love what this boy expresses, through his head position, through his eyes, through his lips, through his smooth face... Desire, hope, love, desire to be loved, solitude, expectations, questions, answers...

Selfies are a new form of art, born at the age of digital cameras and smartphones...