jeudi 13 avril 2017


(© Sinal, reposted with permission)

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  1. Galaxies ? Galaxies growing ? Galaxies growing inside ? Remember the old blonde boy joke : Q: "Is it true aa they say that blondes have more fun ?" A: Reply from blonde: "Keep looking". Police never figure how any empty wallet is possible. Q: How did the blonde end up dead on the pier ? A: He docked. Q: What is it about blonde boys ? A: Logically, nothing. Q: So, why do people love them blonde boys so much ? A: Check your pants. Q: Why do blonde boys get away with murder ? A: silence on the slab. Q: How do blonde boys get off with me ? A: Look up at the birds as they fly away fly away. Q: How is it that blondes so often get to star in movies ? A: Now we know you are poor. ASSERT: "I hate blondes !" he exclaims. REPLY: You are too late ! Q: How many blondes does it take to change a light bulb ? A: As many pants you have on. Q: How long does it take a blonde to change a light bulb ? A: Your dick is not long enough. That is why it is calling emergency. Q: Blondes have more fun. Really ? A: When is the last one been at work ?