lundi 29 avril 2019

Silver Memories


Pour toi / For you


Political correctness

Summer Memories

I remember that day
I remember the sound of seagulls
I remember the cloudless sky
I remember the foam of the waves
I remember the warmth of the sand
I remember you
I remember us

Too late!

Too late!
You waited too long!
You missed everything!
Time to go!

The Art of Sacrevoir

Florenz (detail) — Private collection

"Il est des rêves où je ne peux te rejoindre
Quand ton souffle s'efface en une imperceptible tremblement
Et que tes cils effleurent le blanc de tes yeux

Il est des mondes qui sont à toi, rien qu'à toi,
Et je ne saurai rien de ce que voient tes yeux fermés
Dans la tiédeur de ton sommeil profond

Mais peut-être es-tu mon rêve à moi
Qui écris ces mots pour toi
La clé des songes ouvrira la porte..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 1999.

dimanche 28 avril 2019

Neverending kiss...

What happens next...

A boy is a flower

"Tout garçon est une fleur
Que l'on admire et respire
Sans oser la cueillir

Tout garçon est une fleur
Que l'on rêve d'effeuiller lentement
Pour en atteindre le coeur

Tout garçon est une fleur
Qui parfume la vie
Qui rend la vie plus belle"

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 1995.

Young God of Spring

Like a book

A lover of beauty is a reader, a librarian...

A Tribute to David Hockney

The Art of Sacrevoir

Portrait — Max (Florenz) on Dez 10 — Private collection

samedi 27 avril 2019


A love letter to X

How to know
How to know if you know
How to know if you know how much I am in love with you
Of course I should tell
I should tell you
But I am afraid so afraid
You could not understand you could be upset
And it would be the end the end of our current friendship
If I cannot get your love this friendship matters so much to me

I love you
I love the way you blink you breathe you move you sit down you stand up
I love the sound of your voice the sound of your silence
I love the way you look at me I love your eyes even when you don't look at me

I love your shyness your boldness your humor your smart and witty mind

I love your hands and your fingers
And the way you chose your clothes
Stylish and casual with a unique touch of distinction

I know for sure you would be the boy friend I am waiting for.
I hope you will be...

I don't know yet if I will send you this letter
Maybe maybe not
Getting a boy friend
Or loosing a friend

I am a poor gambler

I love you

I am happy I am with you

"Je te dirai des mots d'amour
Et tu rigoleras doucement
Je te tiendrai dans mes bras
On se tiendra chaud tous les deux
Je te chatouillerai un peu
Tu porteras ma main vers tes lèvres
Je te dirai: "Mais t'es un vrai gamin..."
Tu me répondras: "Alors fais moi grandir..."
Je te donnerai un bisou derrière l'oreille
Tu me diras en riant: "Arrête !"
Je te sentirai rire contre moi
Tu sens bon le garçon
Je te tiens contre moi, serré contre moi,
Je suis heureux je suis avec toi
Allez je te chatouille encore un peu
"Bon ce pull on peut peut-être l'enlever non?"
Je te sens rigoler tout chaud contre moi
"Essaie voir tu vas voir"
C'est tout vu mon minou on l'enlève ce pull.... 

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 1999.

Le Grand Bleu

Dear whoever is reading this

And dear whoever, this white rose is for you...
Yes, for you.
Because I am crazy about you.
No need to thank me.
Just a smile.
And blow me a kiss.

The model looks at the artist

Sacrevoir — Florenz (detail) — Private collection.

Why does it take so long?
What is he doing?
Am I okay?
Does he think I am beautiful?
Perhaps he does not like my face.
Perhaps I am an ugly boy.
How is the drawing?
I cannot see the drawing.
Will I recognize myself?
When will he finish?
Why did he take another pencil?
Am I allowed to blink?
May I yawn?
I am thirsty.
Will he show me the drawing?
Why does he look at me that way?
Well, now he is drawing and doesn't look at me anymore.
May I sit down?
Who will be interested in my portrait?
Why does he need so much time
Now he is looking at me and does not draw anymore.
I need a break.
I want to scratch my nose.
"Don't move too much", he said.
How is my portrait?
Will he show it to me?
Who will ever buy my portrait?


Political correctness / Censorship at the Museum?

The Altes Museum in Berlin has one of the most important European collections of ancient Greek and Roman arts.

The quality and beauty of the exhibited statues and vases are outstanding, and the whole scenography of the Museum is a nice balance of aesthetics and pedagogy.

There is a small room devoted to "Eros in the Greek world". This is a kind of warning, indeed: this room is for adult viewers only, and not intended for prude visitors.

This room, indeed, is quite small, and choices should be made. They were made, but these are strange choices. It is impossible to find a single artefact, vase painting or statue, depicting homoerotic love and more precisely pederasty, that played such an important part in Greek society, ethics, philosophy, literature and art.

"Eros in the Greek World" seems to be restricted to heterosexual relationships, men, women (the later, in the banquets, being quite often prostitutes). In quite a striking way, the only allusion to homosexuality appears in the choice of a scene painted on the vases, showing satyrs (half human, half animal creatures) in various and explicit sexual plays. This scene is linked with the world of Dionysos, of wine, of transgression and bestiality.

There are other explicit depictions of sexuality in this room, either male - female intercourse, or terracota models of phallus.

But nothing about Greek pederasty.

It was possible to show at least some candid scenes of bearded men courting ephebes, with their clothes on, indeed.

Or to show a palestra or gymnasium scene, displaying a nude ephebe, with the word "kalos" ("beautiful boy") written above him.

No, there was not a single palestra or gymnasium scene in this room devoted to "Eros in the Greek World".

I guess such vase paintings are kept in non public storage rooms, so visitors will not be shocked by indecent scenes.

What will be the next step?

Putting a vine leaf on the genitalia of male statues of Apollo, Antinous and others?

Or removing them from public display?

Political correctness and censorship are rewriting history.

Most of ancient Greek culture and art cannot be understood if homoeroticism is removed.

vendredi 26 avril 2019

The Art of Lambro Vassiliadis


Sacrevoir — Portrait (detail) — Private collection

Love songs

Adonis by Bertel Thorvaldsen


A friend of mine is a Tumblr blogger.

His blog was nuked 19x.

He never posted pornography, nudity, neither obvious "underage controversial pics".

He was nuked 19x !

No warning, no communication, no possibility for self-defense. No. Account terminated.

Weeks, sometimes months of posts, pics and texts, deleted.

Banning pornography could be an editorial choice for a platform of social blogging.

Banning anything related to male body, to male face, to male beauty, to male youth is something else.

This is obviously homophoby.

The target is not a controversial pic, since all pics were candid and legal.

The target is just the ideas and feelings, the fine tuning, the dreams and desire behind these pics.

This is mere censorship. Perhaps human crusades of political correctness are browsing all the tumblr blogs and reporting deviant posts.

Perhaps bots and algorithms have been tuned to find smiling faces or nude male torsos.

I don't know how it works.

But Tumblr's policy, obviously, deletes blogs and terminates accounts where there is just a tiny suspicion of attraction for young male beauty. Late teen boys, twink boys cannot be displayed anymore.

My blogger friend does not care.

But he cares, and I care too, for all the young guys, the young gay guys, who are censored, excluded, made silent and invisible.

This is a dark age.

A dark age of censorship, of political correctness.

So called "social networks" are ruled by investors, by advertising companies, they are no more social at all. They are a business, and we are the products.

Tumblr makes money thanks to its censorship.

Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, gender and sexual equity, rights of LGBT people, and especially of young LGBT boys and girls, it does not matter anymore. It is worthless.

Tumblr would probably censor Caravaggio, Botticelli, Plato, Oscar Wilde, Montherlant and so many others, if they were posting their paintings, their texts today...

It makes me very sad and angry.

We are in a dark age of arbitrary censorship, of symbolic violence.

We are forbidden to think, to dream, to desire as we wish, as we are.

All should be consensual, clean, rated for a general audience.

Like commercial adverts on an American TV network.

Boy with vase by Frederick Leighton

mercredi 24 avril 2019

The Art of Sacrevoir: Florenz — Le Petit Prince

Sacrevoir — Florenz (detail) — Private collection

I love your face expression
Shy and proud

Are you a boy or a concept
A boy or its quintessence
A boy or its archetype?

You are my Petit Prince
And you are ruling over the deep of my soul
Of my dreams and of my memories
For ever

We have a lot to talk about
Life and death
Chance and necessity
Choice and fate
Youth and maturity
And the unpredictable bonds
Of affinités électives

I guess we chose each other
I am your humble servant
I hope you will be my friend
For ever

My Petit Prince

Doutreleau - Original Drawings for Montherlant


Montherlant — Les Olympiques. La Gloire du Stade
Lithographies originales par Doutreleau

Paris. Les Amis du livre contemporain, 1994.

The Art of Sacrevoir

Academic Study (detail) — Private collection

La forme nait au croisement du geste et de l'idée
Et du rythme du crayon
Emerge l'évidence de la beauté

Sérénité intériorité
Moment de contemplation
Douceur d'un moment d'intimité

What is the colour of your eyes?

Art and Mythology of the Scout Boy: The World of Pierre Joubert

Photo de Robert Manson (merci à Jean !)