mercredi 19 septembre 2018

The Art of Selfie

Today Selfies are what Black Magic was some centuries ago...

Crossing the mirror, opening his soul to the Other

A dark and intimate ritual...

Where desire meets metaphysical questions...

Who am I ?

A Tribute to David Hockney

Gaze / regard

"Quand tu me regardes comme cela
Quand tu me regardes sans rien dire
J'ai l'impression que ton âme me parle
Que ton âme parle à la mienne"

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2006.


Some memories will last for ever...

I remember 
your smile
the sound of your voice
your favorite pizza
the music you listened to
the way you moved
the touch of your skin
the warmth of your body
the colour of your eyes

I remember you

Mac Avoy — Drawings for "Les Garçons" by Montherlant

Henry de Montherlant, Les Garçons, Edition Intégrale, Illustrations de Mac Avoy, Paris, Gallimard, 1973.