samedi 26 avril 2014

Blond boy with blue eyes

Early morning...

Fragment of a novel

But you are important... You are so important for me...

You matter so much for me that my life without you would be like a night sky without stars, it would be like an ocean without waves...

Don't cry... Wipe your tears... You matter for someone, you are so important for me...

Fragment of a novel

Tribe of Teen Boys

Mishima's dream: a Japanese digital Narcissus

Parallel poses

In an amazing way, these two boys mirror each other, although the two pics are not related...
There is the same sweetness and gentleness in the face, the same depth in the eyes....
And the two boys gently caress their left arm with their right hand...
I love the intimate touch of these two pics...

Does any of my erudite visitors know the photographer of the black and white pic ?  It seems to be a vintage printed pic, second half of XXth century ?

Please leave a comment !

Konrad Helbig - Ragazzi

A boy with a golden necklace

His name is Bruno. He was a much appreciated model of 19Nitten  years ago...
Such photographs reach the highest standards of homoerotic photography...
They already became "classics"

vendredi 18 avril 2014

To my visitors: it is up to you to write the legend of this pic !

Do you feel inspired by this pic ?

What feelings, memories, ideas would you like to express and to share about this beautiful portrait ?

Does this boy's face reminds you a poem, a literary quotation, a melody or any painting or sculpture?

Are you moved (or not) by this pic ?
Please, leave a comment to this post, whatever your language is...

NB: anonymous comments are OK...

You, again...

Tribe of teen boys

A romantic poem


We have so many sweet memories to share... Our walks in the woods, our talks in the garden, our loving nights... You were the music I was so eager to listen to again... A music of youth and boyishness, with its crazy rythms, its unexpected melodies... You were my horizon, my daily light, the air I loved to breathe, at the sunrise, at the sunset... You were a shining sun in my life...

I loved you so much, for your smart mind, for your humor, for your witty and gentle mood, for the sound of your voice, for the light of your eyes, for the beauty of your smooth body, for its curves, its unique perfume, for the way your body danced with mine, in the deep of our loving nights...

Olivier, I still feel the taste, the taste of your lips... I still smell the unique scent of your skin, it reminds me the perfume of forests at spring... I still feel the warmth of your body and the embrace of your arms... I still feel you, so close to me, just one with me...

Where are you gone, Olivier ? Where are you now ?

Fragment of a novel

Rainbow Boy

April 18th 2014: Fragment of a Diary


Five more minutes

April 18th 2014: Fragment of a Diary


mardi 15 avril 2014

Blond perfection

"Blond perfection, your beauty is just shining...
You are the archetype, the idea itself of the beautiful boy
And so many lovers of beauty already met you,
In Athens or Rome, in Venice or Firenze,

You belong to the world of dreams
You are providing perfection with a human shape,
A human body, a human face

You belong to Renaissance frescoes
You belong to Henry Scott Tukes's marine paintings,
And your perfect boyish grace is enlightened by the concept of beauty itself..

You are Apollo and Eros, Castor and Pollux,
Achilleus and Patrokles, Orestes and Pylades,
You are the loved one, the dreamt boy of so many lovers of beauty...
There is no god, no man, no heroe from the past
Who would not die for being loved by you... "

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes garçonniers, 2005
(translation is my own)

April 15th 2014: Fragment of a Diary

April 15th 2014: Fragment of a Diary

Fragment of a novel

Golden boy

Beauté adolescente

Certaines photos, certains visages n'en finissent pas de me faire rêver... Ces visages, ces photos suivent d'étranges diagonales, entre le rêve et la mémoire, entre le passé et le présent, ils éveillent des souvenirs oubliés, des émotions toujours aussi vives...

Quelle est l'histoire de ce garçon, qui se nomme Pierre, je crois ? Que disent ces yeux profonds sur ce visage silencieux ?  Quel est ce mélange de douceur et de tristesse, cet équilibre fragile où se disent la vérité d'un être dans la sérénité d'une pose ?

Garçon entre deux seuils, l'adolescence et une jeune maturité, garçon qui mélange une douce masculinité et une grâce presque féminine, encadrée par une collier et une longue chevelure, brune et soignée...

J'aimerais connaître ton histoire, j'aimerais t'avoir croisé, ailleurs, autrefois, et goûté le mystère de ta beauté si troublante, si évidente...

dimanche 6 avril 2014

Blond boy with a dead bird

A vintage photograph by Hajo Ortil (1905-1983)

Arcadian Dance

April 6th 2014: Fragment of a Diary

Fragment of a Novel

April 6th 2014: Fragment of a Diary

April 6th 2014: Fragment of a diary

Blond boy with green eyes


"Il n'est rien de divin sans désir"

"There is nothing divine without desire"

Claude Michel Cluny, Rêver avec Virgile,  Journal littéraire 1988-1990, L'Invention du Temps, tome X, Paris, Editions de la Différence, 2013, p. 175.